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Hope for the Credit Crunched and the Debt Drowned!

Don’t you hate those phone calls where, as soon as you answer, a recorded message asks you if you’re failing to pay your mortgage, or that you might be one of thousands of people who have over-paid bank charges?  People find it hard enough to admit to themselves that they’ve got a problem, let alone to some computer voice!  But how exactly can you get out of debt?  Some people find it hard enough to find money for the next loaf of bread, apart from paying off the mortgage!

This month’s Livin’Life seeks out one or two people and organisations that can help those treading the financial waters, and speaks to those who’ve been rescued from the economic sinking sand.

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Links from this programme:

Christians Against Poverty –
Care for the Family – Cash for a Month
Evangelical Alliance – Life Beyond Debt
Fred Drummond – Seeing Through the Credit Crunch

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Technology – is it bad for you?

This month’s Livin’ Life gets to grips with some of the new technology that’s beginning to rule our lives. It’s great to use the internet to keep in touch with friends, do research, watch videos, self-publish, etc., but as we all know, there’s a dark side to the world wide web, where pornography and crime lurk in hidden corners of hard disks.  Then there’s DVD, Youtube, Facebook, mobile phones, and hoards of other ways we now relate to each other in society.  How much is good, how much is bad?  Some people are worried – do they have a point?  This month’s Livin’Life then, takes a look under the bonnet of technology and asks – is there too much of it for our good?  Hear from those who sound a cautionary note – from librarians and relationship experts to the Church and our own self confessed tech-lover, Russ Bravo.

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British Library logo

Links from this programme:

The British Library Foundation logo

Relationships Foundation

Churches Media Council

Churches Media Council

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Childhood and parenting – just how hard is it?

This month’s Livin’Life ventures into controversy – again!  Compulsory parenting classes?  Selfish adults? People mad enough to volunteer to take difficult kids into their homes?  Parenting is a bit of a minefield, and we’re trampling all over it in this, another rip-roaring podcast from Revival Media.  If you’ve never been a kid – don’t click the Play button below

Links:Childrens' Society

Childrens’ Society’s Good Childhood Enquiry

Care for the family logo

Care for the family – Stepfamilies

Mothers Union logo

Mothers’ Union

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Next time, we look at technology.  There’s nothing more fun than a gadget, but is our enthusiam for the latest hi-tech stuff really good for us?  Is there a better way?  Join us for the next Livin’Life, online by mid April.

Valentine’s – love, romance and failing marriages

February 14th is of course Valentine’s Day, when millions of us will give, receive, or hope to receive, a card from that “someone special”.  Welcome to our romantic podcast, when we take a look at romance in all its glory!

The credit crunch is said to be giving marriage a boost,  while the UK’s record on teenage pregnancy is cause for tears rather than celebration.  Is marriage in  terminal decline?  Is there a sinister side to “love”, will I get a Valentine card this year, and anyway, what is love?

Just some of the thorny questions and issues under the sheets in this month’s Livin’ Life.   Enjoy it responsibly!

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Care for the Family – supporting familes of all sorts

Valentine’s Day – Wikipedia

National Marriage Week

Inspire Magazine – for more from Russ Bravo

Next month on Livin’life, we take a look at childhood and parenting.  In the light of the Children’s Society report “A Good Childhood”, and other surveys telling us British children are the most unhappy, we ask “what is going wrong?”  Join us next time!

Christmas – a time for…(spending, giving, playing, praying?)

It’s that time again!  But will this Christmas be any different?  Does the credit crunch mean we’ll all tighten our belts this year, or are we waiting in fear for the January credit card bill to fall on the mat?  Is there still fun in the festive season, or has it lost its sparkle?  Join for a trip to Santa’s grotto as we think about toys, nativities and cash – or the lack of it – in this month’s festive podcast


The Entertainer

Frontline Debt Advice

Starshine Music

The Christmas story

Politics – is there any room for faith?

With the US Elections behind us, leaving in their wake a euphoria about politics not seen since Tony Blair came to power in 1997, where now for faith in politics?  The Bush administration put faith high on the agenda, but was that a risky strategy, a dangerous thing to do?  Tony Blair famously “didn’t do God”, but now he’s a bit more open about his faith.  Is there an anti-Christian conspiracy in Westminster, or is faith alive and well in the political grass roots?  All this and more, in this month’s LivinLife.  Have fun!


Barack Obama official site

Christian Socialist Movement

Rachel Sylvester’s Times Article

Colin Belsey

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With the new school year now in full swing, Livin’ Life’s first offering looks at education.  We’re all affected by education in some way.  All of us have been to, or are at, school!  We may have kids in school, or have influence as a teacher, teaching assistant, or school governor.

But why do people want to be involved in education?  What motivates them?  In this podcast we talk to a headteacher who turned round a failing school.  We meet two enthusiastic young teachers who love their jobs, and hear from someone who’s trained school governors.

Also the kids themselves give their views on school life, and our resident humourist Russ Bravo tells tales of educational exploits!

This is our first podcast.  We really want your feedback!  Thanks

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