February 14th is of course Valentine’s Day, when millions of us will give, receive, or hope to receive, a card from that “someone special”.  Welcome to our romantic podcast, when we take a look at romance in all its glory!

The credit crunch is said to be giving marriage a boost,  while the UK’s record on teenage pregnancy is cause for tears rather than celebration.  Is marriage in  terminal decline?  Is there a sinister side to “love”, will I get a Valentine card this year, and anyway, what is love?

Just some of the thorny questions and issues under the sheets in this month’s Livin’ Life.   Enjoy it responsibly!

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Next month on Livin’life, we take a look at childhood and parenting.  In the light of the Children’s Society report “A Good Childhood”, and other surveys telling us British children are the most unhappy, we ask “what is going wrong?”  Join us next time!