This month’s Livin’ Life gets to grips with some of the new technology that’s beginning to rule our lives. It’s great to use the internet to keep in touch with friends, do research, watch videos, self-publish, etc., but as we all know, there’s a dark side to the world wide web, where pornography and crime lurk in hidden corners of hard disks.  Then there’s DVD, Youtube, Facebook, mobile phones, and hoards of other ways we now relate to each other in society.  How much is good, how much is bad?  Some people are worried – do they have a point?  This month’s Livin’Life then, takes a look under the bonnet of technology and asks – is there too much of it for our good?  Hear from those who sound a cautionary note – from librarians and relationship experts to the Church and our own self confessed tech-lover, Russ Bravo.

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